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Snapchat!! I love it! It brings a smile to my face every single day now. This is usually a sad time of year for me and I get a little blue. But now I praise God for technology. I get to see our children and others everyday through “Snapchat!” If you do not know what […]

A Course Change

A course change.In just a few days our oldest son, Brewer, turns 24. As I have previously journaled, grace should be given to the oldest child because they are training ground for parents and we ALL LEARN ON OUR FIRST. I find comfort in an ALL-KNOWING and ALL-LOVING GOD who helped cover our bruised knees […]

Look Mom! Damn deer!

“Look Mom! Damn deer!” It was Christmas Day and I about swallowed my tongue when Brewer screamed with excitement as he said those words from his car seat in the back of our black mini-van while we were on our way to DeBordieu to see Bill’s parents. The alarming thing was that he was only […]

How’s That Working for You?

“How’s that working for you??” and followed by, “If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always gotten, don’t you?!” There are times I have stopped and asked myself those questions, especially in the last ten years. I have learned to ask our children the same questions and they now […]