Archive | September, 2013

Lost My Car!

Lost my car!! Yep! It happened 3 days ago. I will never, ever make fun of anyone who I hear can’t find their car in the mall parking lot! Yep, I was forced to hit the hatch button on my remote to find my car. Out in the grey flock of cars it was like […]

Bring it on!

“Bring it on!!” That is just what I suspect David would say to Goliath if the “stand off” happened today. Goliath would be saying, “You think you want some of me???” I love the story of David and Goliath. As a kid I read it hundreds of times. The real question for us is do […]

Book Club

I figure if Oprah can have a book club and highlight books, so can I! Recently, while channel surfing right before the Miss America Pageant the other Sunday night, I was pleased to run across Oprah. Rick Warren was on her show highlighting and talking about his book, “What on Earth Am I Here For?” […]

Blind Side!

Beth, “You’re changing that boy’s life!” Leigh Anne Touhy, “NO! HE’S CHANGING MINE!” To me, this was the best moment of the movie, the “Blind Side!” The thing I think I love most about this movie is that it was TRUE!! For the most part, the events in this movie actually happened in real life. […]

Be Sensitive Please!

“Be sensitive please!!!” I want to scream that sometimes to people. I really do. Nothing can get a rise out of me more than when someone is not sensitive to someone else’s feelings. Seriously, I could melt steel. It is a true test for me to “IN MY ANGER DO NOT SIN!” I have decided […]

Superstition is a Lie

Superstition is a lie and many have bought into the lie. I cannot tell you how very sad I get when I hear how many people are superstitious, especially in sports. If they win or have a low round, make a touchdown, or hit a home run, they give credit “to what they wore” or […]