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Give it to Me Now!

We definitely live in a society today, the year 2013, of “GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” We don’t have to wait very long for information (just google it), for conversation (cell phone), entertainment (computer or cell phone), food (just drive thru), movies (just use your remote and rent one). And UPS and Federal Express can […]

Manual Labor

My father was never exposed to sports growing up. Now that he is in his eighties, I am appreciative beyond words of the extreme hard work he has known and done since a very, very early age. Manual labor is something that he knew and did from very early on his life. There was never […]

Fan or Follower?

Fan or Follower???? Years ago, through a series of events and people, starting with my parents’ influence, I decided to invite Jesus into my heart. It was a simple acknowledging that I believed in my heart and mind that Jesus was real and that I was in need of His help over my “sin!” At […]

Pain of Rejection

Recently, as I have interacted with 7 different college students, both male and female, from 3 different universities, they all had one thing in common. They were all dealing with the extreme pain of REJECTION. In particular, two different scenarios–rejection by someone in authority over them and girlfriend/boyfriend relationship rejections. All were suffering immensely! Some […]

Teaching Our Kids

Teaching our kids to FULLY OBEY wore me out as a young mother!! For example, I would tell them to make up their bed, clean up their room, and bring down their dirty clothes. Invariably I would walk upstairs after they had gone to school and find the bed was made but there were dirty […]

Hen Party

Girls love to gather. A “Hen Party” is what you call it at 51. Men would call it too much estrogen! Recently, Collins called to tell me about the small group she joined at Athens Church. A “small group” is a group of girls around the same age who meet weekly with a leader in […]

Tell Me No

I would rather have someone tell me no than maybe!! On the “Back 9” of life I have come to realize “Maybe”, or “I’ll try”, or “Let me get back to you”, is a 99% “no”. I would rather someone come out and just say no. Man up!!! Rather than saying maybe………really wanting and meaning […]