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This weekend, while on our annual “girls’ weekend” with my daughter, I observed the following scene. A mother was feeding her infant a bottle in the infant carrier, feeding her toddler in a booster seat, and feeding herself concurrently. She was also requesting more napkins from the waitress and carrying on a conversation with her […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

When I think of any holiday, I think of traditions. Traditions are things done every year that build memories and cause an elated anticipation for everyone. Traditions are ideas and events established and passed down from generation to generation and can serve to knit a family close together. It is never too late to start […]

Greatest Influence

This Thanksgiving is different than any Thanksgiving I have ever lived before. Never in the 51 years I have been living have I been more grateful. So many reasons contribute to an overflow of thankfulness. Age and maturity have made me more aware of what is truly important; and, among other reasons, I have gleaned […]

God’s Design

God’s design of male and female is both amazing and amusing. The more I study the more it appears to me that we were designed to help each other instead of misunderstand and misinterpret each other. Today’s journal is going to read more like a list of differences. The science is all there to explain […]

Excuse to Misbehave!

Ok, today’s post does not give you an EXCUSE TO MISBEHAVE!! Remember we are looking at the major, God created, differences between men and women. The benefit of exploring the differences is improved relationships. Today’s blog is not to provide a license to excuse bad behavior with such flippant comments as, “God made me this […]

Doing a Little Research

I don’t think any of the Back 9 readers would go to a foreign country for the first time without doing a little research. You would want to find out about the culture, the climate, decide where to stay, which attractions to see, and have some way to communicate and navigate the language barriers. I […]

Communication is the Foundation

Communication is the foundation of all quality relationships. When we think of communication, we think of speaking, but it also includes reflection, body language, tone, timing, and listening. Listening is crucial for effective communication. When seeking to develop and maintain strong relationships, “attentiveness” is key. I have found that listening is an attitude of the […]

Men and Women

I hope you will look forward with anticipation to the series I am beginning. The upcoming entries are going explore what God is teaching me through a study of the differences between men and women. On the Back 9, having been married for 27 years and having raised children of both genders, I have witnessed, […]