Archive | November, 2013

A Must Read!

Have you ever gone to a movie because you heard someone talk about how good it was? Or maybe you have gone out and bought a book because someone said it was a must read! I know I have gone to restaurants because people have recommended them. Recently I had friends who were going to […]


Mercy is often defined as not getting what you deserve!! I praise God for the mercy I have been given in my life by family, friends, strangers and, most of all, God. His mercies are TRUE every day for me!!! Have you ever made that dreaded walk or dreaded phone call or made that visit…to […]

5 Love Languages

Did you know there are FIVE very important languages that anyone can speak without going to school??? They are called the “5 LOVE LANGUAGES”! Gary Chapman, in his very famous book, “The Five Love Languages” does an amazing job at detailing what the 5 languages are and how to apply the information to your life! […]

I’m great! How are You?

“I’m great! How are you?” This is a typical conversation I often have with people…. In Kyle Idleman’s book, “Not a Fan!” I absolutely love how he describes people who wear a “mask!” It is soooooo refreshing at 51 to read a book where someone has written so eloquently and honestly about the millions of […]

Special Treatment

I don’t think there is a person in the world who doesn’t like special treatment? I know I do! When I go shopping, I especially remember and enjoy the stores that offer me a bottle of water! Recently, I went to a party and met some people for the very first time. I was surprised […]

What’s in Your Grip?

“What’s in your Grip?” What are you holding on to? Funny, in my adult life I have heard the word, “grip,” countless times because of golf. Grip is EXTREMELY important to a golfer’s success. If your grip is too strong or too weak, it can do “ugly” things to your game. So a golfer has […]

I Will Never Forget…

I will never forget walking out to our garage to take out the trash and finding that every golf club our kids owned had been stolen, not to mention a visiting friend’s clubs too. It was a very, very strange feeling to know that someone, with evil intent, had VIOLATED our home and stolen something […]

Acts of Service

Have you ever had someone go out of their way for you???? Well, I have and it nourished my soul to the core. It could be because “acts of service” are high on my love language list, coming in at No. 2. I believe everyone notices, in this busy world we live in, when someone […]