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Zo “N” e

By now if you having been hanging in there and following the Back 9 posts, you know we are almost done with our series on understanding the steps involved in reaching your God-designed “STRENGTH ZONE”. The one thing I can attest to is that on the FRONT 9 I lived in my created Strength Zone […]

Focusing on the Z-O-N-E

If you have been reading the journal posts for the last week or so, then you have kept up with us as we have looked at the steps necessary to operate and live in your God-created “Strength Zone”. We have moved through the S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H portion and today we will start focusing on the Z-O-N-E. If […]


Hearing is one of the five senses. On the Back 9, I can tell that my “hearing” is not as sharp as it once was. Not sure of the science, but I have now come to realize with age comes hearing loss for many people. Both my parents have lost the ability to hear unless […]

Training is an Essential

I am currently reading the book “Lone Survivor” written by Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell. I am amazed, no, I am astounded at the requirements and training necessary to become a Navy Seal. In fact, they have a Pre-training the soldiers go through after passing all the written and medical tests just to see if they […]

Notarize Your Trust in Jesus

To notarize means to certify or attest to; to authenticate. To operate effectively in your God-designed STRENGTH ZONE, it is very necessary to Notarize your trust in Jesus. In Matthew 10:32 it states, ” So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven.” The best way I […]

Equipping Yourself for the Trip

I don’t think anyone would go on a two week trip without packing a suitcase, checking the weather, and making provisions for the journey. I call that “equipping” yourself for the trip. Well, in a Christian’s life, living in the “STRENGTH ZONE” means there is some equipping that needs to take place. God didn’t just […]

Strength Zone

It is not just my desire but God’s desire for everyone to live in the “STRENGTH ZONE” of life while on this earth. The third component needed to get to the zone and operate in power is to RENEW our minds. The word renew means to make extensive changes; to restore; to begin something again […]

S-T-rength Zone

I can remember teaching Brewer, our firstborn, to swim. Funny, Brewer has never been real fond of water. As a little boy at the beach, he preferred to cruise the shore looking for fish and shells in the very shallow water. It took so much courage for him to jump into our arms in the […]