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Just this past Sunday I was so blessed to hear Perry Noble preach a message on “HOPE!” The Sunday before I heard Dick Lincoln preach a message on “Hope!” I love it, love it, love it, because I know real hope in life is through a relationship with Jesus. Even though their deliveries were very […]

“Value” Books

Just the other night I got to enjoy one of my favorite things in the world–having dinner with college students. This special dinner happened to be in Athens, at the University of Georgia. It was a most enjoyable time but, as always, I left with more than I came with. These young people always teach […]

Adversity or Advantage?

Adversity or Advantage? Which would you pick? I have always been told, “God gave you a brain, so use it.” Thinking is a part of everyday. It is a natural and necessary part of life, but “intentional thinking” is a choice and it is not so common. We all need to value our days and […]

Indirect and Direct Language

“Is today Sunday? Doesn’t the garbage get picked up on Monday?”………. “Does anyone feel like pulling the trash cans out to the street?”……… “I sure do hope we don’t forget to roll the trash cans out!”…………. “Bill, will you please roll the trash to the street?”……….. Women are the “Queens” of indirect language and men […]