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Snow Day

Snow Day!!!! I love snow. It is so rare to have snow in the South. When it does come, I just love to gaze out the window and watch it come down. I get up early before the peace is broken by footsteps and screams of laughter to just hear the “still quiet” that falls […]

Give Up The Blame List

Give up your blame list! If you want to move forward in your life, one of the main things to do is give up your blame list and take responsibility for your life. The typical list of people we like to blame for our problems may include: parents, spouse, sibling, boss, teacher, friend, etc. Giving […]

Tune Out Commentators

Any day there is a PGA event on television, you can watch and listen to the commentators speculate on a golfer’s swing, mind set, the decision over a shot they chose to make, or on just about anything the professional is doing. The PGA players are free game for all kinds of speculation. I have […]


I now have young adult children and my husband Bill who know me as well as anyone. They will tell me the Truth about myself even if it hurts my feelings initially. For example….. “Mom…you talk too loud.” Or, “Mom, you are walking too fast.” Or, “Mom/honey…please don’t sing.” (especially when they are trapped in […]


I have been asked many questions recently. “How did you find the time to write a book? “How did you write all those words?” “Have you ever written a book before?” “What inspired you to write a book?” My new book hasn’t even been released yet by the publisher so I am sure there are […]

Champions in Life

God doesn’t make mistakes and He doesn’t create junk. It is my belief from reading and studying God’s Word that He has a created purpose for our lives. He will give us the ability to accomplish that purpose when we are surrendered to His hand in our lives. We all have a desire, if we […]

Just Ask

When our children first started playing golf and competing, it was apparent that I was new to the game. If you knew me back then and happened to have a child paired with one of our children, especially Brewer or Thomas, you knew right away that I didn’t know very much about golf. In fact, […]