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Silver Lining

I have heard it said, “There is always a silver lining.” On the Front 9, I guess I didn’t see it as much as I do now that I am on the Back 9. I suppose I could attribute it to maturity which goes hand-in-hand with much experience and life. I also believe you have […]

Kitchen Closed

For years, while raising our kids, part of my “Plate of Life” included a daily routine of packing lunches, making breakfast, and cooking dinner. I really found fulfillment in it and found myself duplicating what my mother did for me when I was growing up. I don’t regret one minute of this daily pleasure/job. Meal […]


I love this quote and have found it to be so true, “Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward…….” Twenty-six years ago and newly married, Bill and I moved to Columbia. We were so blessed to find a church home in Shandon Baptist. Dick Lincoln was the minister then and […]


If I could tell young parents one thing about parenting, I would say to be aware of God’s place in your children’s lives. It is important to allow them to have ownership of their relationship with God. Many times I am pretty sure as a parent I allowed my voice to be the LOUD voice […]


After being married for just under six months, the oil light came on in my car. I at least knew enough to go to the gas station and have someone check it. The very kind man checked my car and said, “Miss, you need oil. But more importantly, you need your oil changed. It is […]

Risk Taking

I have never considered myself a huge risk taker …..but after reading and studying what a risk taker is defined to be…..I have changed my mind. Someone who risks loss in hope of gain is one definition. Or someone who makes a decision with the possibility of suffering harm or loss or someone who takes […]

Make A Plan

Many people, including myself, tend to just run in circles when a problem arrives. If we aren’t running circles, we are making decisions by what I like to call, “flying by the seat of your pants.” Through experience I have learned making a plan and being somewhat organized in our approach to problem solving may […]

Drop It and Own It!

I love the phrases “drop your hands!” and “own your life!” These two short phrases pack a lot of power and represent the fifth step in problem solving. “Dropping your hands” refers to letting go of and taking my/your/our focus off things that are NOT my/your/our responsibility, business or control. It could mean someone else’s […]

Boxing In Fear

Sorry in advance for the long post on step 4 in problem solving……I think it is worth it! Blessings. If you are joining Back 9 for the first time, the previous posts are looking at steps we can take to solving mild, moderate, or major problems in life:) In my own life, when our 5 […]