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Front Row Seat

God blesses through conviction not compromise. The same God we read about in the Old Testament is the same God of 2014. The difference is we have the Holy Spirit who comes to live inside of each one of us who believes to help us, direct us and intercede for us. God is God and […]

Living With Regret

Have you ever done anything you really regret? Words, actions or both?…and, if you could take them back, you would a 100 times over? Regret is a bad thing……and realizing you can’t take back words or actions or roll back the “sands of time” can leave anyone feeling bad, lost, empty. Those things we grieve […]


Music in church has taken on a whole new meaning to me. I have mentioned before that I like to drive by myself in the car so that I can sing loud and not worry about other people hearing. My children have made it clear it is not a “pleasant thing to hear!” I am […]


One of our daughter’s favorite things to do is look at and enjoy our old picture albums. I enjoy sitting with her for hours laughing and reflecting on the memories that instigated the photos! So fun to tell her stories about pictures taken when they were very young and talk about how all three kids […]

God Is Not Dead

God is not dead! Recently I saw the movie by this same title and wrote a review on my personal Facebook page indicating how much I loved the movie and what was so meaningful to me about this film. I have continued to visit this movie in my mind and review all the lessons and […]

Double Your Talent

I believe when we die and go to heaven…..God will be anxiously awaiting to say these words that we find in Matthew 25:23, “…… ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’” Heaven will […]

Have Fun

I have often expressed that I think God has a sense of humor. I only have to look at His creation to see evidence. Watching how dogs, puppies and cats interact and play makes me laugh. It reminds me that God wants us to laugh and enjoy life. I can be very serious when I […]

Mirror Mirror

I have now accepted and proudly donned my “readers” on the Back 9. Of course my children made me get rid of the “thingy” that hangs around your neck so that the readers can lay on your chest while not in use. All three of them balked at the idea of glasses as a necklace […]

Improve and Soar

I, more than anyone, love the age of “speed or quickness”. I love drive thru….banks, fast food, dry cleaners, UPS overnight..…snap chat, texting, email, GPS…all the things that can help me keep going… moving on…….or “getting ‘er done!” You could call them “quick fixes!” I enjoy accomplishing a lot and when there is something that […]