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Willingness. Just think about this word……it has such a positive connotation to me. Just stop and think about how you feel when someone is willing to help you. Someone who will stop what they are doing to make time to give directions, advice or just a listening ear. I don’t think it is any secret […]

March Madness

Until our firstborn, Brewer, developed a passion for basketball, I never understood the two-word phrase, “MARCH MADNESS!” Needless to say, I fully understand the meaning today. Our youth pastor Frank, a former basketball player, was at our house with his family recently. He and Bill were glued to the television watching what I think was […]

The Unexpected

Talking on the phone every day is a tradition Mom and I have held for many years. As a Mom, I have enjoyed transferring this tradition to our daughter, especially now that Collins is away from home. Talking to her daily is a treasure and a gift. I thank God every day that He has […]

This Is Hard

One of the hardest things I have had to do recently is load and unload my car. I have had an ongoing hand problem since college. I had two surgeries in my 30’s and may be facing another soon. I’m thankful for my wonderful hand doctor, Dr. Ugino, and his nurse Monica, a lifelong friend, […]

Fighting the Enemy

My husband is a football player, once a player always a player. Until we married I didn’t understand nor really care about the details of football. But after almost 27 years of marriage, I now understand the importance of defense in the game of football. As he puts it, “Defense wins ball games!” Funny, he […]

Taking Jesus at His Word

Having young adult children is something I really enjoy. I do miss the years when they were little but I love the conversations we are able to have now. I love to hear their thoughts and their perceptions about life, people, circumstances, etc……I often have to remind myself they are only in their early 20’s. […]

God Wink Kinda Day

Yesterday was a God Wink kind of day!! I love those days. Other than feeling like a ping pong ball bouncing between my parents’ house and the rehab center where my Dad has been for the last three weeks….yesterday was an ordinary day until….the engine light came on in my car and the car started […]


Dessert first! I love sweets. Now that I am my own boss, many times I choose to have dessert first! I vividly remember as a child tagging along with my mom to a store we called “Childress” which was located in our hometown. Back then, it was like a “7-11” store….It had shelves of my […]


“It is motive alone that gives character to the actions of men”…….if you study history….you know this quote is so true. Many times we cannot know what is in someone’s heart but over time our actions can reveal the motives of our heart and define our character. What motivates us from within–our desires, our interests, […]