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I have listened to many sermons in my life. Time and again I have heard that “Pride” is one of two roots from which all sin in our lives stem. I have thought about this, pondered it, and studied it for myself. After hours of self-reflection and personal investigation through Bible study, prayer, and looking […]


“Loyalty is rare and it can only be proven under test.” I love this quote and on the Back 9, I realize it is one of the truest quotes that experience teaches! I have heard it said…..loyalty is a rare things these days……after thinking a long time about it…..I think I would agree….even though in […]

Goal Setting

I have always been a goal setter. I believe in setting goals and having dreams and seeking to reach and fulfill them. I feel that it is so important that it is the first chapter in the book, “The Front 9, Making Your Shots Count in Life.” Of course, I believe God is and should […]

Hate Well

“Don’t hate!” A common phrase I have heard young people say a ton in the last 6 years. Hate is a strong word and often has a negative connotation. The definition of hate means to detest or dislike very much. Hate in and of itself can actually be a good thing depending on what we […]

Delight in the Lord

Recently, while visiting our daughter in Athens, I sat on her sofa for just a few hours as she watched required training videos before starting her new job at Chick-fil-A. I was in absolute awe over the professionally done videos–the quality of training included and the principles that were driven home……I should have expected nothing […]

Working Hard

God gave us bodies, brains and opportunity and He expects us to use it! Simple truth: I have never seen a bird that did not leave the nest after it learned to fly. Does God drop mosquitoes into the bird’s nest? Not hardly! He provides bugs for flying birds who GO OUT AND SEEK THEM! […]

Fresh Attitude

I cannot tell you the amount of time we have spent within our home talking about our “attitude!” I think Bill, Brewer, Thomas, Collins and myself would 100% agree that we have struggled and battled tremendously in our attitude toward many things, especially in the area of golf which has been a large part of […]