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Who Wants to be a Fool?

Have you ever known anyone who likes to argue? There are those people that feel the need to argue about everything…..a need to be right or forge a stake in the ground on almost any issue. Peace, I think, is the antonym for argument ….I love peace. This past fall we were in the middle […]

Tide Markers

One day I am going to find and invent something that makes life easier. So far others have been wiser and quicker than me in developing simple things like laundry bags that are made of net so that dirty clothes don’t smell, Post-It notes, and rolling suitcases! I am so thankful for the person who […]

Meeting People

Extravert is an adjective that has been used to describe me….the simplest definition I can think of to define “extravert” is someone who is outgoing and doesn’t meet a stranger. For many years I have tried to figure out if I was born that way or if I was raised that way. At 51 I […]


While we were in Seneca with my mom in the last weeks of her life, Collins and I were waiting in a hair salon and ran into a childhood friend. It was so good to see her. Our dads have been best friends for years. I really wanted Collins to get to know her a […]

Striking Oil

What if you knew that somewhere in your backyard…if you drilled, you would strike oil? Seriously….if you think about it….I don’t know one person who would not take the time and energy to drill and strike to find that oil. Why? The first thing that comes to mind for myself is income…yes, I would make […]


I love all the seasons. Often I have been asked which season I like the best. My usual answer is whatever season we are headed for next. As the hot summer ends, I always look forward to cooler temperatures and watching the brilliance of the changing colors of leaves…..just like I love the cold winter […]

Reflecting on Mom

Today is day two of the posts about “a time to weep and a time to laugh!” We have all heard the statement–God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle….well, I believe the statement should read a little more like this, “God gives you what you can’t handle so that you HAVE TO LEAN ON […]

Dealing with Death

As most of the Back 9 family knows, my mother passed away and was buried just a few days ago. On the Back 9 journal we always have new people join us so sometimes it is good to revisit or backtrack a little. It helps our new readers feel at home right off the bat. […]

Overwhelmed with the Good

If you are a faithful reader of the Back 9 or you are brand new and checking us out……either way, you have to know that I truly believe God has a sense of humor as He seeks to teach us, encourage us and sometimes reprimand us in this life! Recently, while standing in the receiving […]

Eyes on Jesus

One of the most important things Bill and I learned in a parenting Bible study we were involved in when the kids were young was to teach our children to look people in the eye. We loved how Gary Ezzo pointed out the importance of eye contact and how it communicated love, respect and value […]