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Does God have less of a desire for a person to change in their 80’s than He does when that person is in their teens or 20’s???? Recently I heard an argument against change in aging adults. The argument was based on the idea that if someone is old and grew up in a different […]

Swing Hard!

Last Saturday while grand dog sitting, Collins and I took our lab, Daisy, and Sadie, the grand dog, to the groomers for a summer shave and bath. It was quite the ordeal getting them in Collins’ car and getting them out. One loves to ride and one does not……we finally arrived and got them unloaded. […]


We all have a choice. We can live life by design or live by default. In other words, we can embrace Ben Franklin’s quote, “Joy doesn’t exist in the world, it exists in us.” Yes…we can choose JOY! I self-talk and talk to our kids as well as tell the people I mentor, “It is […]


I love dogs. I counted having at least six different dogs growing up and three more since I have been married. Now I am the proud “Grandparent” of Brewer’s yellow lab, Sadie. I even got to go with him to pick her out. Love, love, love that dog, I enjoy keeping her as well. I […]

True Friends

Ponder this quote, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.” I love rainy days. Last Thursday was just that…woke up to rain. I was more than excited knowing that I had at least two kids home which meant an opportunity to catch […]


I am so thankful for friends who have taken the time to give me helpful hints as I travel the road of “grief” over the loss of my mother. One of the best nuggets of advice I have been given is this……”You cannot predict when the sadness will show up!” I have now lived this…I […]


The ability to see danger sometimes can be hard….we don’t want to live our life…looking over our shoulder nor do we want to peep around every corner almost being afraid to step….. One of the best ways I have found to be “prudent” or exercise good judgement…is to learn from others or from my own […]