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Today I have been led to write about disappointments…..It is a very sensitive subject in our family because some of the disappointments are fresh, very fresh. I feel that I can’t truly write and be effective unless I am very transparent about our disappointments…I will not belabor or go into great detail but I will […]

Coming Up Short

We all come up short in some area. What I mean by this is that we all have strengths and talents but we all don’t necessarily have the same ones. We might as well face that we just aren’t very good at some things. My kids say I am a bad driver. I strongly disagree […]

Who is That?

I love to meet new people and I love to make introductions. What I mean by this…is that I like to connect people. I have now lived and reaped the benefit of knowing a lot of people. I enjoy knowing that when people meet and make connections good things happen. Great friendships form; helpful advice […]

Go Deep…Go Long

“You cannot serve both God and money.” This familiar scripture is found in Matthew 6:24. When I first read this verse as a child I have to admit, it didn’t make much sense to me. As a child, my parents provided the things I needed. I didn’t have the responsibility of putting food on the […]

Difference Maker

Do you find “forks in the road” of your life? When I look back, there were several for me and I am sure there are more still to come. Some of those forks involved “difference makers!”, people who came alongside me and made a positive impact. Some forks included people who were negative. I learned […]

A Tribute to Mom

Mom we love you to the moon and back and miss you everyday.  A “will” is usually thought of as a legal document that someone has drawn up bestowing their possessions to their family and passions when they die. I would like to take the time to write my mother’s unwritten will. Yes, she had […]

Social Media

I rely on my kids to be my TV filter. They know I am not a huge fan of television and, unlike me, all three of them love TV. They absolutely know the things I like and the things I detest….so they are very faithful in making sure I do not miss the great stuff […]


Recently I wrote out some thoughts on confidence on my personal Facebook wall. Here is what I have been pondering: Confidence is found when you take action. It is ok if you stumble or even fall. It is how you get up and keep moving forward that breeds confidence. Stopping/inaction (fear of failure)….chokes confidence; if […]