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Giving Back

I love to invest. What I mean by this is that I love to turn around and help someone or an organization that has meant a great deal to me personally. In the Front 9 of my life I can say with a passion that the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization was instrumental in opening […]

Are You Investing?

Recently I had the opportunity to chat by phone with one of my young friends, John, who was in the great state of Alabama competing in an amateur golf tournament. I love it when I can catch up with one of these young people in person so it was great to have recently had him […]

Do Overs

Having 4 out of 5 golfers in our family with the 5th being a caddy, namely me, you can imagine how much we talk about golf in our house. We often talk about how every shot you hit in a round counts. No “do overs” or “second serves” like in tennis. You count every shot, […]

Constant Communication

Just the other day I walked outside to find a car starting up without a driver inside….haha…the owner had a remote! The advances in the world we live in are amazing. Once upon a time my dad had to “walk to school two miles in the snow”. I’m sure you’ve heard that somewhere before. There […]


Who doesn’t like a compliment? Do you realize that when you are kind to someone else it benefits you? Proverbs 11:17, “A kind man benefits himself…” Recently while I was at church and washing my hands in the women’s restroom, I overheard a young woman pay an elderly woman a compliment about what she was […]


Monday can be a day of new beginnings, a fresh start. Some people just let life happen and others take control of their lives. A life in Christ can bring about marvelous things no matter your age or circumstances. “Spiritual health saves us from going down the wrong path to find a life!” Inviting Jesus […]

Hard Work

I was told early on, especially by grown men, that the sport of golf would teach our kids a lot about life. Over time it became evident that golf was their sport of choice and, eventually, I found this statement proved to be true. On the Front 9, having very little knowledge of the sport, […]


“I’m great! How are you?” This is a typical conversation that I have often with people…. In Kyle Idleman’s book, “Not a Fan!” I absolutely love how he describes people who wear a “mask!” It is soooooo refreshing at 51 to read a book where someone has written so eloquently and honestly about the millions […]