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Short-term vs. Long-term

I have been looking at my office and closet for over three weeks now… literally “overwhelms” me to look at the stacks of things that have piled up since April when my mother passed. Things I had to put down to do the important…the very important…then more important things came about….the kids came home for […]


Have you ever felt unworthy or just NOT QUALIFIED for the job at hand????? Have you ever felt like the ODDS were against you? The task was impossible? That you were too old to accomplish it? You were not smart enough? You just didn’t have the money? You were not talented enough? Your lack of […]

Decision Making

I have become very fond of Thursdays. In the past I have always been a Friday girl, but ever since the introduction to tbth# I have loved seeing the pictures and reflections from the past! From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter… is so much fun and makes me smile when viewing all the photos. I […]


When our kids were young I was involved in an incredible Bible study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). During the seven years I was involved, my favorite study was the “Life of Moses!” Even though I loved and learned from all of the studies….I just flourished and changed the most from studying the Life of […]


While writing the recent book, “The Front 9, Making Your Shots Count,” a concept taught to me by my mother my entire life was validated! We have all been told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” While I know this is great advice….I recently was told by someone who has written over three hundred […]