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God’s Power

So many times as Christians we do not use, or we are ignorant of, the power we possess. The power I am speaking of is the Power of the Holy Spirit, which is the power of God, the supernatural in our lives. The Holy Spirit comes and resides in all people who accept Jesus as […]

God’s Provision

During my first pregnancy, I was about 5 months along when I started having terrible problems with my hands. Long story short…it was so bad and painful that I went to an orthopedic hand specialist who diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor ordered a “nerve conduction test” just to make sure. It was […]

Power of the Tongue

Ok…I know that I say all the time…”I don’t watch TV”…well, maybe I should say, “Compared to statistics I watch very little TV”….like 10% of what the average person watches… With that being said…my favorite television show is…”Forensic Files” …I love it. I have a fascination with the progress made in science especially in the […]

How Much Is Enough?

How much is enough? This is a serious question… is a question I have often pondered with regard to money, possessions, friends, accomplishments……and yes, purses (That is personal to me. Just being REAL here!). With our kids….it was about golf score. What score was low enough/good enough? More times than not, it just wasn’t good […]

Are You Listening?

Just a few days ago….I had a “Gladys” moment. If your name is Gladys, I apologize in advance; but for years when we would do something funny, embarrassing or clumsy in our family, we would call each other Gladys! So here goes my recent “Gladys” moment… I was at the beach….on a girls’ trip and […]

Dangerous Territory

When we walk away from God…..we are walking away from His protection! I want to be clear here….God never ever stops loving us! Can we hurt him? Can we disappoint Him? YES…..absolutely…..but there is nothing we can do to make Him stop loving us! BUT we have the free choice to surrender our will to […]


Every day is an opportunity, even if you are at home and all you can do is pray! Monday was a long day….if you have seen the wild video of me “screaming” after hearing that Thomas qualified for the U.S. Am, then you witnessed firsthand the release of emotion that I had been managing all […]

What Do You Expect?

Managing expectations is something we all deal with. It may be the expectations of our parents, a spouse, a coach, a boss, a co-worker, a pastor, a friend, a child, a neighbor, or all of the above…… you fill in the blank or multiple blanks. Some people have expectations that are far beyond what we […]


This question was posed in a sermon I was watching online recently: “Why in the world would we pray for God’s will then not participate?” It was such a great question worth thinking about, worth posing to myself and to you the reader. Not just posing the question, but looking for the answer from ourselves, […]