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That’s Just Wrong!

I don’t think you can go through life without at some point feeling wronged or be wronged by someone. I wish it weren’t true. But in the Back 9, I can say from experience, if you have lived long enough, you will unfortunately feel that way at some point. Depending on the wrong, the hurt […]

Should I Go?

Have you ever received an invitation and you really didn’t “feel” like going???? I understand. Many times I get an invite and I am soooo tired or have been so busy that to dress and go…is the last thing I want to do. But have you ever done it anyway and regardless of how you […]

Are You Prepared?

Preparation is key in life! I believe in the quote, “Those who fail to prepare plan to fail!” I have failed many times this summer in preparing in advance what I was going to cook for dinner. With both Thomas and Collins being home for the summer and enjoying frequent house guests, it is one […]

Cheerful or Sour?

I love being around cheerful people. People who smile and seem to enjoy their day. People who can enjoy the rain as well as the hot sun, and find the good in both. I can remember the big deal over entering sixth grade. It was the first time that I would get to “change” classes, […]

What Makes You?

OCD is an acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is no laughing matter. In the movie, “As Good As it Gets” with Jack Nicholson, the character Jack portrays struggles with OCD in many areas of his life. I thought the movie was funny and really made more people aware of what OCD is….the movie helped […]

Are You Giving Up?

Have you ever been exasperated? I think the one thing that can exasperate me the most these days is a technology glitch. Most of the time, as I am working through the problem, I eventually come to the conclusion that the glitch was due to a lack of understanding and knowledge on my part of […]

Define What Is Urgent!

It happens often, miscommunication. Even though I consider myself an effective communicator, our son Thomas misunderstood a point I was trying to make recently. I had attempted to explain the extreme benefits of having a daily time with God. The first mistake I made was to suggest a time frame of about 15 minutes as […]

Just Do Something

Our yellow lab, Daisy, is very fat. Doesn’t keep us from loving her, but she is so fat that she can hardly move much less stand up to go outside and go to the bathroom. Since our kids have been home from college, she has gained more weight…with those precious “puppy dog” eyes, who can […]

Word Travels

Word travels. It amazes me how both the good and bad “words” of things people have done or things that have happened to people travel further than we would expect. With the age of information….word travels so very fast today…. Sometimes people find out things, such as the death of a loved one, by inappropriate […]