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What’s Your Aroma?

Last August, our daughter, Collins, had the opportunity to shadow Ainsley Earhardt at Fox and Friends in New York City. It was a very special time…up at 3 a.m. In a cab at 4 a.m. Going through major security at 4:30. It was very eye opening to watch the “behind the scenes” of such a […]

Check Your Alignment

I live in a golfing family. I have spent the last 13 years learning and watching the game. Side note here: I don’t play golf. In fact, I have no hand-eye coordination and cannot make contact with the ball…I stopped trying a long time ago and chose to be a spectator, fan and sometimes caddy……! […]

Relief from the Pressure

The only thing that relieves pressure is preparation. I can remember walking into a biology class my freshman year of college and the teacher giving a “pop” quiz on assigned reading from the day before. I felt sick…..very sick…one, because I had made a low C on the first test, and second, now I had […]


All people who grow old do not necessarily grow up!! Just like eagles are pushed out of the nest, forced to spread their wings and fly and then learn to soar on their own, like they were created to do…..growing takes change and it takes being pushed. WE all need to embrace change and be […]

Rushed and Crushed

It was a great decision and experience to pledge a sorority while at Clemson though being a cheerleader prevented me from participating at the level most sorority girls enjoy. Now at 52, I look back and see one of the greatest things that came from being part of a sorority were some long-lasting friendships. As […]

The Path

I don’t like to be lost. I am so thankful for technology and GPS on phones and in cars. Now that I travel more, sometimes alone, I have a real peace, when I am driving, knowing that I am going in the right direction because I have modern technology at my fingertips. I have been […]

Giving Glory to God

I have prayed and prayed about writing about this next subject because I really like to keep ministry and business separate. But my recent trip to Dallas was such a spiritual high for me…that I just have to write about it. Let me first start off by saying that I love businesses like Chick-fil-A…. I […]


There are so many lessons God desires for us to learn. One that I have learned over my life is that “timing” is key. For example, the timing of getting married, the timing of trying to have children, the timing of making a business decision, the timing to spend money or not, the timing of […]

What Are You Buying?

I once heard a powerful leader say this, “People may not buy your story but make sure you don’t buy theirs!” I loved this….so many times in life I find that there are these “negative naggers” who would rather tell you what you can’t do rather than what you can. I can honestly say…I grew […]


We are what we repeatedly do! I don’t think there is a truer statement in the universe. We all form habits and what follows is our habits forming us. Are your habits good or are they bad? Do you have a habit that needs a redo? I will have to admit…I have been a creature […]