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Are You An Influencer?

I love to hear stories of positive influences! Love it, love it, love it…….I can remember talking to our daughter, Collins, about this topic when she was little. She asked me how people became famous….and my answer was long with examples, but I can remember distinguishing between people who are famous for the good they […]

Empty Nest

It is that time of year–Back to School. When the kids were home, I dreaded this time each year. …just not being in control of their schedule… much…time was more dictated by their school demands and sports. And, as they went away to college, which meant leaving home, I really hated it. I tanked when […]


Thomas was blessed beyond measure to be able to play in the US Amateur tournament even though he was not able to make match play. Golf is such a hard game with many variables, some that you just cannot control…like divots in the middle of the fairway or the weather and multiple others. You just […]

I Am A Fan

am a Uriah fan! Yep…..I comb the bookstores in search of new books to read and find many on David….but none on Uriah. Maybe authors write about David because we know more and have more information on David….but Uriah…is someone I admire! If people ask me why bad things happen to good people, I look […]

Who Has Control?

Most of the time, if I am looking for God on a daily basis…I find myself not only desiring to feel His presence, but I want to see Him in action and His will played out. Several years ago I was encouraged to “drop my hands” in my own life’s circumstances. Yes, “control” was a […]


This past Tuesday it was my privilege to make the drive to Clemson to attend the first time ever FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) fundraiser for Clemson…and surrounding area FCA’s! I absolutely loved seeing all the people I never get to see–from the IPTAY Director to Coach Swinney and his wife, Kathleen. I loved getting […]

Summer Days

I start to get a little sad when we get into the “late of summer”… has been a great summer considering…I still miss my mother terribly and I think I always will. God has been so faithful to orchestrate this summer to include 2 of our 3 kids being at home, less travel for competitive […]