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I believe God places things in our hearts to accomplish… might call them “Dreams.” Even though today is very different from biblical days in so many ways, especially with modernized civilization, there are a few things that are exactly the same. The first of which is God–He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His […]


There have been two times in my life when I have been truly terrified. Once was on an airplane when all of a sudden I was staring at my feet as the plane took an abrupt nose dive and continued to dive for what seemed like and eternity. Looking back, I think it was a […]

The Dash to the End!

In light of the recent and tragic death of a student at Clemson…I am reminded of the brevity of life. You can be young or old and healthy, go out for a run and not return. Some people have called it the “dash”. For me the dash would be 1962-xxxx. I am not sure what […]

Act Now!

This summer I couldn’t wait for 2 of our 3 children to hear two famous people speak. One was Andy Andrews, a best selling author and speaker. The other was Michael W.Smith, a famous award winning singer/musician/writer. Both men are “overcomers”. Michael overcame a drug addition…Andy was homeless and living under a bridge. Their stories […]


Everyone faces temptation! Looking at temptation in my own life has taken a decision on my part to DECIDE TO DECIDE to look at the areas I am weak in with regards to temptation. In others words, the areas in which I tend to sin the most in. If you say you have NO weaknesses, […]

Radical Courage

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”–Helen Keller I love this quote. I don’t believe God created anyone to just be a “warm body.” What I mean by this is I believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a created purpose. There are things each one of us was designed to do and accomplish, not just […]


I work hard at not getting angry and praying when I feel the anger rising in me….So now I pray that as I write…you will feel the compassion and disgust in this one post. I have compassion for people who do not know Jesus. My desire is for people to know, love and serve the […]

Manners Matter

I once heard someone talking over dinner about the final interview process a law firm had used. The potential new hire had to pass a “dinner test” before being considered for a position. Yep, the potential new hire would go out to dinner with the partners and their spouses. What was the test? Everything from […]

Who Wants to Jump First?

Recently, I have been preparing to speak at a fundraiser for “A Place for Us Ministries” in Greenwood, South Carolina. This home provides pregnant teenagers with a place to live and be ministered to during their pregnancy. I just completed a book they sent me, “The Story Matters”. The book details the ministry’s story, how […]

Knowing God

Knowing about God is different from knowing God….It is about a relationship with a living God who wants to communicate with us. Allow me to give a recent example. I have been asking God every day…early in the morning…to help me recognize when He is speaking to me…that I would know that I know it […]