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No Gall…No Glory

Pain in life introduces us to ourselves. It is what we do with pain that eventually defines who we are. Experiencing pain and making right choices in the pain can be the “stepping stone” for greater things in life….it can stretch us, grow us, develop us…No one is immune to experiencing pain and adversity…it is […]

A Drop In The Bucket

Have you ever felt like your efforts didn’t matter? Sometimes I have been so tempted not to “act” because there is this voice, which I have finally learned to ignore, that says, “It won’t matter. That little time or money won’t make a difference. You would just be putting a band-aid on a gushing wound!” […]

Where Does Change Start?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I love this quote and I agree that, if things are working smoothly, why upset the apple cart?? Sometimes we can jump from place to place looking for satisfaction instead of resting and being content. Contentment is something God wants us to learn. Change is usually difficult for […]

Give It Up

Give up your blame list! If you want to move forward in your life, one of the main things to do is give up your blame list and take responsibility for your life. The typical list of people we like to blame for our problems may include: parents, spouse, sibling, boss, teacher, friend, etc. Giving […]

The Power of One!

“The Power of ONE!” I love the meaning behind this phrase. Our church has adopted this phrase as it applies to inviting people to our church. I am so glad we are following this concept because it affected my life, and the direction of our family, 25 years ago. Allow me to share how powerful […]

Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best is a concept we learned to teach our children when we were taking and leading a parenting Bible study when our kids were young. It was a way we taught our children not only the expectations we had for them, but the ones God had for them as well. For example, good […]


Doubt is the opposite of faith. When you are standing on the Tee box, or in the fairway of the golf course, and you are getting ready to hit a shot, doubt can be a “death wish” for being able to hit a good shot! As a golfing mom (spectating and fan only), I have […]