Archive | November, 2014

Which Way Are You Headed?

When we walk away from God…..we are walking away from His protection! I want to be clear here….God never ever stops loving us! Can we hurt Him? Can we disappoint Him? YES…..absolutely…..but there is nothing we can do to make Him stop loving us! BUT we have the free choice to surrender our will to […]

‘Tis The Season

Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy the day giving thanks in “all things!” It has never been a problem for me to share Jesus with others! I learned how as a young girl. Growing up in the church gave me the opportunity to be in different environments that encouraged not only my faith, but also enabled […]

Complete Obedience

Teaching our kids to FULLY OBEY wore me out as a young mother!! For example, I would tell them to make up their bed, clean up their room, and bring down their dirty clothes. Invariably I would walk upstairs after they had gone to school and find the bed was made but there were dirty […]

God’s Provision

Becoming a parent was exhilarating but having to take on the roll of “parenting” your “parents” is quite a different story. That is a very new role for me in the Back 9. Thankfully, I have a mentor in my sister and a few friends who have walked this path before me. It is odd, […]

Facing Fear

Recently, when I was getting ready to speak…I was asked by a dear friend if I was nervous. Another asked if I was scared. The answer to both questions was, “No!” I have experienced fear and nervousness hundreds of times…those emotions do not dominate my life as they once did because of the depth of […]

God’s Appointments

Tracing God’s fingers in my life is a ton of fun for me but it also provides comfort and confidence for me in the life ahead. Of course when I look back, I would not want to repeat some of the trails and steps I have made….but I would not trade the lessons I have […]

Character Traits

Have you ever had a cartoon caricature of you drawn by an artist at a fair or other venue? Did it reveal your positive traits or accentuate the negative? What circumstances have you encountered that have revealed the positive or negative traits of someone’s character? What aspects of your character stick out in the minds […]

Offering Advice

When having heart-to-hearts with our daughter, Collins, especially while she was in high school, I would often pose a question to her, “Why would you ask your friend’s advice about something that they know no more about than you do?” Often I would try to point out…wise advice comes from someone who has, “yes,” been […]