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Seek Your Advocate

I had one huge snake crawling right across my chest. It startled me and I was sweating bullets….thankfully, I woke up! Same thing happened the next night except, it wasn’t a snake this time…I was falling…..falling….falling….and then I woke up in a sweat! These kind of dark…dramatic dreams…were disrupting my sleep. Thankfully, I would wake […]

Listening to Lies

“Mom…there is someone in my room…I saw them!” “No honey…I looked under your bed and in your closet. There is no one there. Now go back to sleep!” This was my response many times when one of our three kids saw someone or heard someone in the night. Now at 52, I can honestly say […]

A Mother’s Insistence

Thank God for laptops. After typing for over two hours the other morning, seriously, I think my keyboard was smoking. Sometimes I have to type fast before the thought leaves me…that happens sometimes at 52….hehe. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself and smile as I finished….remembering long ago….long ago…I am talking 38 years ago…when […]

No More Excuses!

Excuses are not your friend, they are your enemy. We often confuse a reason with an excuse. For example….I couldn’t make the phone call I was supposed to make because we had unexpected company stop by. But I could shoot a quick text to let them know and make sure I called as soon as […]

The Gift

I looked at my phone and pressed send…the area code I recognized….but not the number. I expected to hear a friend’s voice on the other end of the phone….but it wasn’t who I expected. It was the soft, quiet voice of a young woman who was deeply hurt, scared, and felt abandoned. Even though I […]

Your Reality

Hearing the whimpering on the other end of the phone was heartbreaking! The good news was that Collins was now living reality! Thankfully, at 52 I have learned to “drop my hands” in other peoples lives, especially my family, when it comes to things I wish they would see and change. Realizing….until it becomes “their […]

Merry Christmas!

Watching my child die would be one of the most horrible things I could imagine. In fact, I don’t allow my mind to go there…especially if torture was a part of their death! When I get to heaven one day I can’t wait to meet Mary…the mother of Jesus…..! At Christmas one of my favorite […]

Winners and Losers

Arguing about who is a loser and who is a winner can be a grey area! Seriously, it is not that black and white in all areas of life. In sports, yes, there is a winner and loser on any given day, but a winner and loser in life….can be murky water. Why? Because many […]

He Did It Too!

“He got one too!” was Thomas’ response when I confronted him about getting a second doughnut. He was 5 years old at the time and was only supposed to have one. Thomas’ comment was made in reference to Brewer, his brother, who is 2 1/2 years older. Funny…both did something they weren’t supposed to do…but […]

Small Steps

A small step…can make a tremendous difference, especially if courage and the unknown are involved. I call it a step of faith…stepping without seeing…..! Hebrews 11:1 describes faith this way. “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Do you ever feel that God has told you to […]