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Hate is a strong word. Unfortunately, I have felt it…said it and see it every day. All you have to do is turn on the television and watch the news. Hate thrives in the world we live in. Nothing is really different…from the days Jesus walked the earth ’til now. In John 15 we read […]

Praying for Wisdom

A few weeks ago our pastor stressed the importance of prayer and our church has placed a major emphasis on prayer as well. I am so excited over people being encouraged, taught, and led to grow their prayer life and intimacy with God. God does know my heart over the excitement of this and wanting […]

Flat or Thriving

All people who grow old do not necessarily grow up!! Just like eagles are pushed out of the nest, forced to spread their wings and fly and then learn to soar on their own, like they were created to do…..growing takes change and it takes being pushed. WE all need to embrace change and be […]

Power in Weakness

I cannot imagine being blind or not having my hands. Several months ago…Thomas and I were having lunch at Firehouse Subs right around the corner from our home. As we waited our turn, we spent the time just catching up. In the midst of a busy restaurant we both noticed a young man, probably in […]


Commitment is the leading “muscle” of our faith. Being committed is a strong “work-out.” It does several things: it focuses our effort and resources, it reveals our weaknesses, it requires a “pay up front” price, and it exposes when we “drop the ball.” Many times in my life I have committed to something…and later when […]

The Draft

On Friday, 4 out of 5 of our family members saw “American Snipper” on the opening night of the movie. While homeschooling Brewer and Thomas in middle school, their favorite subject was history. I distinctly remember Brewer being home on September 11, 2001. The day that will be recorded in history as the most vicious […]