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Grave Robber Moments

Playing college golf taught my kids many things and, for that, I am grateful. Was it all fun and exhilaration? NO! But there is a “grave robber” moment that we all experienced. For our family personally, it was one of the most amazing ways we have seen God’s provision. This is still a very emotional […]

My Goal

“Oh NO…she’s up!” Yep, I am determined to wage war on Satan in 2015! This 5′ 1 1/2″, 52 and half year old woman with blonde hair from a bottle…in the Back 9 of life…is sick and tired of being sick and tired and I am going down fighting the enemy! I am determined to […]

Big and Small

“I can’t find my keys.” “Have you seen my shirt?” “I can’t find my phone.” Sound familiar? The big one for me is….”Have y’all seen my glasses?” Yep, I once prided myself on NOT LOSING things, but not anymore. I seem to lose my glasses daily, if not hourly at times. Humbling. I am working […]


“You can never plan your schedule around when someone is going to die.” These are the exact words I told many of my friends when my mother passed away. I wanted them to know I understood that they couldn’t be there and I knew they loved me. My mother died on April 16, 2014, right […]

Who Are You Kidding?

“What are you arguing about?” I asked this question of our children many times when they were growing up….and got no response. Sometimes I knew what they were arguing about and wanted a chance to interject. Sometimes I didn’t know…but wanted to know. As the kids got older, and I asked that question, it was […]

No One Likes a Cheater

No one likes a cheater! I think everyone desires “fairness” and most people shun “ill-gotten gain!” Recent news has given lots of air time [no pun intended] to the “lack of air” in a football which apparently was an unfair advantage! Since I am not an expert in this area, I trust that the ones […]

An Opportune Time

Have you ever done something wrong and the minute you did it… thought…”Wow…why did I do/say that?” Maybe I am alone…but I have done it and done it recently. The minute….the words rolled off my tongue…I was regretting it! I am thankful for what I have learned about these moments when they come. I have […]