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Have you ever done anything you really regret? Words, actions or both?…and, if you could take them back, you would a 100 times over? Regret is a bad thing……and realizing you can’t take back words or actions or roll back the “sands of time” can leave anyone feeling bad, lost, empty. Those things we grieve […]

Full Participation

“Why in the world would we pray for God’s will then not participate?” This is such a great question worth thinking about, worth posing to myself and to you the reader. Not just posing the question, but looking for the answer from ourselves, which is always answered by our actions, not by our words. God […]

Seek Wisdom

When you pray and seek wisdom…God will answer that prayer…Seek Wisdom…Proverbs 4:7, “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” When the phone rang, Claude was on the other end of the phone and it made my day. Just hearing his sweet voice made me warm all […]

Be Extraordinary

“How did he get to be president?” or “How did she become famous?” I could not always give a good answer to our children when they were growing up and filled with questions. Some questions I could answer with detail, if I was familiar with the person. So many times now on the Back 9 […]

Remain Teachable

If you are a talented person or very gifted in a certain area, you may have a very tough time with being “teachable.” Extreme giftedness in an area can deceive you into thinking you don’t have anything else to learn. Age can do that too. The older you get the more you feel you know. […]

Being Encouraged

Wow…is all that I can say! Did you know God uses people all the time to do His work? As I write and travel and speak…I am overwhelmed, at times, by God and His faithfulness and goodness, especially when I don’t see it coming. Allow me to explain. Know that my deepest desire for this […]


Quitting is one of the most powerful tools of the enemy. If Satan is successful in deceiving you into quitting, then He gains much ground in your life. That is his plan! He wants to sneak into your thoughts and tell you… “You can’t,” “You will never!” “ You’re not good enough!” “You suck” and […]


Our grand dog “Sadie,” a yellow lab, is the most tenacious and persistent dog I have ever seen and I am a good judge of dogs. I love dogs and have been the proud owner of many including our own yellow lab, Daisy, who has never acted with the persistence that Sadie has. Just the […]

The Most Fun

If Dabo Swinney called me, I admit, I would love it. But I can honestly say I love it more when I look at my vibrating cell phone and see the name of one of the young people I love to encourage, especially the ones seeking spiritual things. I recently had one of those fun […]


“OMG! oh my gosh…oh my gosh.” I screamed it repeatedly as I opened our kitchen door and saw water gushing from our light fixtures on Sunday after church. Our ceiling in the family room was caving. For the next two hours Bill and I were mopping up water along with a girl who is like […]