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Doubt is the opposite of faith. When you are standing on the Tee box, or in the fairway of the golf course, and you are getting ready to hit a shot, doubt can be a “death wish” for being able to hit a good shot! As a golfing mom (spectating and fan only), I have […]

It Is Go Time!

If there is the slightest noise in our house at night, I can hear Sadie and Daisy’s “growl box” idle at a low, steady grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Sometimes that is all I hear…the “grrrrrrrrr” and then they settle down and the night rests in silence…except for a few snores here and there. The other night was so […]


“Brainstorming” was a concept that I was first exposed to in school, especially in college. By my senior year at Clemson most of our grades came from group projects. Just recently, our daughter was home on spring break and talking about group projects. It seems universities still see the “value” in a group taking advantage […]

Seeking Wisdom

God’s gift to us is our potential and our gift back to Him is to develop it. A recent survey indicates that 42% of college graduates never read another book after college. Wow…..that is shocking to me. Even though I did read books after college, I confess it was not very many until my forties. […]

God’s Presence

Feeling and experiencing God is the most awesome thing I have ever experienced. The on-going “presence”…the “peace that passes all understanding”… “the revealing of His will”. The comfort of knowing He not only approves, He is smiling, “riding piggy back” when you are in circumstances where you feel you have no legs. “Oxygen” piped straight […]

Got The Invitation

It’s a great day when I get that phone call and I hear one of my young adult children say, “Mom, I have a friend I want you to meet!” I love it when our kids invite us not only into their world, but introduce us to their friends. It was worth the three hour […]


I will never forget buying our first house, 1300 square feet of precious…with the exception of needing a new kitchen and the hard wood floors needing to be redone…and the bathrooms redone…plus new doors and the front porch redone. It seemed to be a small project but being 26 and “green behind the ears,” as […]