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When I look back at the defining moments in my life and dust for prints, the greatest moments are the moments when my fingerprints are nowhere to be seen. All I see are the fingerprints of God. How tempting is it when someone blatantly does wrong to you, or even worse to one of your […]


I was 15 when I read my first leadership book, outside of the Bible, “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People”. It was a book that really helped me understand that you can be a good person, do the right thing the best you know how and still, bad things can happen. FYI…no one is […]

R-Rated Thoughts

I am the first person to admit…I am guilty of R-rated thoughts. Yes, in my mind I have been so angry I have committed murder. Thankfully, as a Christian, I have quickly learned what to do with those thoughts–repent and redirect. Replace the bad with the good. It takes a tremendous amount of desire and […]

God-ordained Dreams

God-ordained dreams will take longer and be harder than you can imagine! Why? If they *poof* just happened, then there would be no “refining” for the dream chaser….maturing…developing the fruits of the Spirit…in particular…patience and self-control. Temptation could enter the scene as well. If we could humanly reach that dream ourselves and do it quickly, […]


Accepting responsibility is something very easy to do when things go right, but how hard is it to look in the mirror and accept responsibility when things go wrong? I think it would be safe to say all people desire success and for things to go right. It brings satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, approval […]

My Friend

I love makeup! Yep…you could call me a “makeup junkie”. I am not sure but I hope I am not known by others as one who wears too much makeup. Thankfully God placed people in my life at an early age to teach me “too much” of a good thing is actually a “bad thing”! […]


Winning isn’t everything but it sure is fun! No one is guaranteed to always be the winner. We all know there are no guarantees in this life. The only guarantee is that WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE one day. But we can count on God’s love, His faithfulness and eternal life one day, if […]