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Did you know a routine can become a bad thing? I didn’t really realize this until my mid 40’s. For example, in golf a routine is a great thing. As our children started playing golf, and especially when they started competing, routine is something that became very important. A routine for when they stepped on […]


Do you ever get too comfortable with life? You get up and do the same thing day after day…especially during the work week…. a ho-hum kind of life. Even the weekends can be routine. Have you ever made a decision or made a series of choices that have taken you to a place of….an unintended […]

Hot Pursuit!

“You will never possess anything you are unwilling to pursue.” There are many things in life that get our attention….things that lure us to pursue….a mate, a degree, a title, a position, affirmation, praise, and the list could go on for pages. Often times it is our passions that drive us. On the Back 9…as […]

Rainy Days

“Don’t let it rain on your parade!” These were the words of my sister spoken to me many years ago when I got my feelings hurt. I give credit to my sister and my mom for teaching me how to “dance in the rain”, “find an umbrella” or “find the sunshine on a rainy day!” […]


Surprises are not my favorite. I’ve often thought about why that is true of me. I guess you could say it makes me feel a “lack of control.” But as I have looked inward….many times…when I am surprised…I am so stunned and taken aback that it takes me a while to relax and enjoy or […]

What Shapes Us

Our experiences shape us. NO doubt about it. I am convinced that one reason I have started most every day of my life with a positive outlook is because of the experience my mother provided. I am not sure she even knew what the result would be when she was actually living it and leaving […]

Mistaken Identity

Identity theft…is as new as the I-Phone 6. In the Front 9 of my life it was something you rarely heard about but in the Back 9 it has become commonplace. I’m not sure if it is 911 or identity theft or both but because Bill, my husband, is William Brewer Bradshaw, and our oldest […]


I guess you would call…5 years ago…an “undressing and getting naked!” LOL! If you read the Back 9 at all and have gotten to know me…you probably by now realize…there was an “renewing” in me a few years ago. It was a recognition that Jesus was second in my life and if He was second, […]