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I’m not sure where my problem with boats came from. I know why I hate to fly. One bad experience made me hate it. Not sure about boats but I think it is the “motion,” the rocking and swaying and bouncing over the waves when the boat goes fast. I will endure a boat ride […]


Some things in my life…keep on giving to me long after you think the giving would be over. One is Clemson University and the relationships/friendships that I made as a student there and the other is the Miss South Carolina Pageant Organization. With the pageant it wasn’t just the people I competed with, but the […]

God Forgives Big

Have you ever done something so bad that you didn’t think there was any way God would forgive you? Or maybe it was multiple things and all of a sudden you realize all the bad stuff has piled up so high that you wonder…how can God possibly forgive all of this? Or maybe what you […]

The Master Chef

It wasn’t exactly what I wanted. In fact, it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I couldn’t be mad….because I was not specific with Ben. I was vague. He had just gotten back from the grocery store and was putting away the groceries. I hurried downstairs from an afternoon of writing to start dinner. I […]


Often when I am waiting to speak at an event, I am sitting at a table with the person who is going to be introducing me. About the time the person needs to get up to introduce me or make announcements, they will turn to me and say…”I don’t know how you do it….get up […]


Beth, “You’re changing that boy’s life!” Leigh Anne Touhy, “NO! HE’S CHANGING MINE!” To me, this was the best moment of the movie, the “Blind Side!” The thing I think I love most about this movie is that it was TRUE!! For the most part, the events in this movie actually happened in real life. […]