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Filled with Tests

All of life is full of tests, especially if you are a lover of Jesus. He allowed Lot to be tested and Joseph, Daniel, David and many, many others. I recently heard someone describe a person who says with their words that they are a Christian but their actions don’t line up as a Christian […]


The problem we have most of the time is not the problem itself but our attitude. On the Back 9 I am determined to have a good, positive and pleasing attitude. I was raised by a very positive mother. I have been a Christian since I was 9, thus I have had the help of […]


I love weddings. They are especially fun and exciting when I see kids I have known for many years grow up and find love. :o) Recently I was so honored to be asked to say the blessing at one of my best friend’s daughter’s wedding reception. One of the most special things that has been […]