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Oh Wow!

What if we got up in the morning and looked in the mirror…yawned and said, “Oh wow!” and then walked away, got dressed, and left our home without ever looking in the mirror for a second time? I am sure as we went about our day…others would either say or think, “Oh wow!” as well. […]

Next Time Can BE Better

If you want next time to be better than the last time, or you want your life in the future–even tomorrow–to be better than yesterday, there is a very important thing I/we/you need to do and that is……. to hit the pause button. Taking the time to note, recognize, and take responsibility for my/your/our part […]


One of the biggest lies Satan tells us or wants us to feel is that “we are running out of time” or that “time is not in your favor.” I totally disagree and this is coming from someone who isn’t known for letting “grass grow,” nor one who does a whole of hesitating. I like […]

Leadership and EGO

Leadership is a role you fill not a position you assume. I love leadership and I love to study great leaders. The one thing I can say for absolute certain is that you lead by the example you set…..YOUR ACTIONS. In your actions and your choices you either have people who desire to follow or […]

Chauffeur Business

Now that my kids are young adults, even though they don’t have the years of experience in driving that I do nor the “good driving” record, I love having them chauffeur me around. Yep, I kind of like being able to have that responsibility off my shoulders. :o) Haha! They drive because they think I’m […]

Light in Doubt

I love to get up early….while it is still dark. One of my favorite things is to watch the complete darkness….turn to a dull gray…then to a faint orange and gold….then to a light, bright yellow and orange that illuminates the entire landscape. I love to watch the light take out the shadows and dull […]


I love to watch, hear and read success stories. It is one of my favorite pastimes. I think that may be one reason why I love social media. People tweet it out or Instagram or Facebook their successes. I love to see and enjoy the happiness of others, especially when they find love, graduate, get […]

Potential–Develop It!

I believe one of the worst things anyone can do is to die with potential! I recommend you die with failures from trying before you decide to just die with potential. Potential is something to be realized. Talent to be developed. Not guarded. Or ignored. Or protected. Life comes from the inside out and whether […]