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When to be Quiet

When you become the mother of adult children, it is very difficult to distinguish boundaries. I am a work in progress. Asking myself and God continually when to “speak up” and be mom and when mom needs to remain “silent.” Having the experience, “gray” hair, that our kids don’t have…the big question I have for […]

Don’t Speed!

“Do not speed and drive very carefully!” were the last words I said to Collins when she was in high school and was leaving for the weekend to see her boyfriend who was a freshman at UGA. I knew the exact route she would be driving and I knew the last 45 minutes of the […]

The Who

I have been listening to and reading some fabulous material by Tommy Newberry. I always love to know the writer of what I read. Tommy is a strong and vivacious lover of Jesus. I love all of his books and his life calling of “motivating and encouraging others to “lead their life” in obedience to […]

Back Story

As I have promised myself and God…to “live out loud” in my blog…I have a story to share. It is one I am not proud of…but one that I share in hopes that you truly see that I am a continuing work in progress, a receiver of God’s grace. A receiver of someone else’s forgiveness. […]

We Are Unique

I wish I had loved science more growing up. Today, it fascinates me, especially the strides science has made in the study of DNA. Today, science and Mitochondrial DNA both point to all life coming from one man and one woman! LOL… Adam and Eve. Strides in science continue to validate scripture! The enemy loves […]


Mothers do know best. :o) There are so many things my mother taught me and now that I am one, I do often reflect back on things she encouraged me to do. Most of them I did eventually do….except for a few things. Those things have turned out to “bite” me, scar me and damage […]