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God is everywhere. He goes before and He comes behind….and today I am especially praising Him for I know that He has us:) When your children are born….your goal is to raise them to be able to live without you…to function, live, make decisions and thrive…without you….all the while knowing…that to do that abundantly and […]

Fruitful Labor…from Chains

Have you ever had anything happen to you, especially adversity, and, when looking back, realize God used it to further His plan? Through your circumstances the gospel was spread just as Paul writes about in Philippians 1:12-14. “Now I want you to know brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served […]

Fancy Prayers

Recently…after the flood…I was volunteering with Samaritan’s Purse. It was actually last Saturday when I gave a devotional for the volunteers. After hanging around and visiting with people, a chaplain’s wife, Kathy, came over and asked me if she could pray with me. She could tell I was a little under the weather and coughing. […]


Reading has become a favorite past time for me. Shortly after our children started competing in golf I combed the bookstore shelves looking for books that would help me learn more about golf but even more, teach me how to encourage my children in the game. I didn’t grow up playing sports but as our […]

Peel The Onion

As Rick sat across the table from me at dinner last week I looked for the opportunity to kick small talk to the side. He was relatively a stranger to me but not for long because in the right environment and context of a situation…I love to “peel the onion,” getting to know people beyond […]


As I write today…it is from a state of Holy Exhaustion and Holy Bliss all at the same time. Our daughter got engaged this past weekend…to a fellow named Mike who we adopted as a son…way before the proposal. Over the five years that they have been dating I have watched him grow as a […]

The Power of One

The “power of one”. I have been so blessed by it this past week watching individuals volunteer…….knowing that their contribution…their “power of one”….was extremely IMPORTANT. Jesus was the absolute best example of the “power of one” when He walked on earth…loving, serving , and ministering…. and when He died on the cross and rose on […]

Amazing God

OK…2 posts today…I think they are both worth reading here is the 2nd As we all work together…to RECOVER and HELP our STATE HEAL…I just have to share this private inbox…not to highlight me…please know this but to show FIRST there are no coincidences in life…NONE and Second..Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things […]


I have always been able to cry over “sad” things…the “tears” just come and flow freely. It has been very odd this past week…how the… “tears” didn’t flow for quite a while. I could feel them in my eyes briefly last Sunday as I watched the footage of the flood on TV…from my Dad’s house…but […]