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I overheard someone’s conversation the other day. [Side note: I wasn’t eavesdropping.] It was one of those times when several conversations were going on at one time…and you are in one conversation but your ears perk up to another conversation when you hear something that interests you. In this other conversation the question was asked, […]

Grow Up

How many times have we wished…..that our kids would grow up…mature? We want, at some point, for them to realize that we have their “greater good” in mind. We are really about helping them and not harming them in… what we say to them, what we restrict them from doing, what we encourage them to […]

stren-G-th zone

s-t-r-e-n-G-th Zone Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” In scripture Christians are referred to as “iron.” As we learn what it means to move into and live in our God-created Strength Zone, we find there are several elements to getting there and living out loud in that zone. Remembering we: […]

stre-N-gth Zone

s-t-r-e-N-gth Zone To notarize means to certify or attest to; to authenticate. To operate effectively in your God-designed STRENGTH ZONE, it is very necessary to Notarize your trust in Jesus. In Matthew 10:32 it states, ” So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven.” The best […]

str-E-ngth zone

s-t-r-E-ngth Zone I don’t think anyone would go on a two week trip without packing a suitcase, checking the weather, and making provisions for the journey. I call that “equipping” yourself for the trip. Well, in a Christian’s life, living in the “STRENGTH ZONE” means there is some equipping that needs to take place. God […]


What if….someone (a stranger to you) was assigned to follow you around? The rules given to the person included that they could not talk to you…only observe. They could not follow you on Sunday. At the end of the month…they were told to write an essay about your life. The essay needed to reflect what […]

st-R-ength Zone

s-t-R-ength Zone It is not just my desire but God’s desire for everyone to live in the “STRENGTH ZONE” of life while on this earth. The third component needed to get to the zone and operate in power is to RENEW our minds. The word renew means to make extensive changes; to restore; to begin […]

s-T-rength Zone

s-T-rength Zone I can remember teaching Brewer, our firstborn, to swim. Funny, Brewer has never been real fond of water. As a little boy at the beach, he preferred to cruise the shore looking for fish and shells in the very shallow water. It took so much courage for him to jump into our arms […]

Actions Have Eternal Impact

Our actions have either a positive impact on others…a negative impact on others….or are mute, meaning they make no difference to others. The big question is: what kind of impact do you want to have on others….in God’s economy…if that matters to you? God cares very deeply how we treat others. Others may mistreat you. […]


S-trength Zone Several months ago I was so blessed to hear Perry Noble preach a message on “HOPE!” The Sunday before I heard Dick Lincoln preach a message on “Hope!” I love it, love it, love it, because I know real hope in life is through a relationship with Jesus. Even though their deliveries were […]