Archive | December, 2015

A Holy Dare

I have come to realize…not obeying God and giving into fear…will not allow you to heed what I call a “holy dare!” Allow me to define a “holy dare,” I believe that if we are to experience the supernatural power of a Holy God and accomplish our total created purpose for our individual lives….we are […]

Fat on Jesus

This time of year…especially in the month of January…millions of people make New Year’s resolutions about losing weight and getting into better physical shape. I am a huge proponent of this endeavor. God gave us a body and He calls it a temple. I am well aware that not taking care of ourselves is an […]

Spiritual Suicide

“The Walking Dead,” a seemingly popular television show, has no appeal for me. I have just glanced at it once and know that I would never want to watch it. Gruesome, morbid, depressing are just a few words that describe what I saw. I did find that just that one brief “glimpse” gave me a […]


Who would ever understand or make human sense of God telling Gideon, “You have too many men for me to deliver Midian into their hands” (see Judges 7)? LOL…If I were Gideon, I would be saying to God……”Shut up!”……..”What?” But Gideon was a little more composed than I would be! Gideon obeyed and proceeded to […]


Procrastination is all about excuses. The excuse you have today will most probably be the excuse you will use tomorrow. It is a very accurate statement that “tomorrow” can only be found in the calendar of fools. Where do you fall in the area of “procrastination?” Did you know that “procrastination,” which means delaying higher-priority […]

Green-Eyed Monster

“Jealousy! The green-eyed monster.” I think we call it the “GREEN-EYED” monster because of the phrase “green with envy!” If you say you never deal with jealousy, I just find that very hard to believe. We are all sinners and we fall short of glory and it is my belief, if you don’t think you […]