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Time to Wait

One of the biggest lies Satan tells us or wants us to feel is that “we are running out of time” or that “time is not in your favor.” I totally disagree and this is coming from someone who isn’t known for letting “grass grow,” nor one who does a whole of hesitating. I like […]


I was sitting in a meeting and glanced at my vibrating phone…a voicemail from a friend…someone we love…but don’t see very often. Our kids grew up playing golf together and the age difference between all of them is years. One of the very best things about golf is that a foursome can consist of players […]

Crashing The Party

Crashing the party is exactly what the young woman did. She busted in the door, uninvited, with tears streaming down her face. So many tears that they fell on His feet. She took her long hair and wiped away the tears that fell on His feet. She got on her knees as all were watching, […]

Roots–We All Need Them

Beware…Beware…Beware….WARNING SIGN…if you are currently in a time of testing…a trial…check your “roots”. In Luke 8:13 we find “Those [seeds that fell] on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing […]

Are You Qualified?

Have you ever felt unworthy or just NOT QUALIFIED for the job at hand????? Have you ever felt like the ODDS were against you? The task was impossible? That you were too old to accomplish it? You were not smart enough? You just didn’t have the money? You were not talented enough? Your lack of […]

Arrow Prayers

To me one of the saddest stories in the Bible is the night before Jesus was to be crucified and HE KNEW IT. HE went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and asked the disciples to pray and keep watch only to come back an hour later and find them sleeping. He came and […]

Nothing Is Free

“Nothing is free!” Those were the words that made me stop and think when I was a young girl after I ran to tell my parents that we got a “free meal” with our tickets to the game. My dad laughed and pointed to the price of the tickets and said, “You might think the […]

Winning The Lotto!

I don’t really follow the lottery, or the news for that matter. When I turned 50, three years ago, I chose selective and intended ignorance on many things, including watching the news and reading the newspaper. It is to the point that my news reading friends have asked, “Do you live in a cave?” lol […]

Jesus Had A Judas

Now that I am on the Back 9….I am convinced that if you are living and breathing then, at some point in your life, you will have a “Judas” in your life, someone who will betray you. It can be as severe as a false accusation that lands you in prison to a broken confidence […]

What Is Your Mindset?

Do you have a “fixed mindset?” or a “growth mindset?” It is very important to know which you have. The good news? If you have a fixed mindset, with the help of the Lord, scripture and a desire to change, you can develop…a “growth mindset!” A “growth mindset” is what God desires for anyone. He […]