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God and Politics

I don’t think you can live in America right now and avoid all the chatter…or screaming about this upcoming presidential election. On the Back 9…as I sit and listen more…talk less but pray a ton…I observe the disheartening things….. …it grieves my heart. As believers in Jesus, our first and most heartfelt desire should be […]

My Favorite Story

One of my all time favorite books, “The Case for Christ,” is Lee Strobel’s personal testimony. He describes himself before Christ as a critical legal journalist for the Washington Post, an atheist, a heavy drinker, a self-seeking narcissist, full of rage and anger…and a seeker of pleasure in the moment. One day his wife Lesley, […]

Counting the Cost

Every decision we make has a price. Our decisions determine our destiny. Our choices define our character. What we are committed to, we become. Yes, our decisions, good and bad, end up being our life. We get to choose. I am studying God’s Word right now on the topic of how to make wise decisions. […]

Worth the Fight!

Our life is worth the fight! We will all fight battles this year. The most important battle we will ever fight is the one “within!” It is a spiritual one. Ephesians 6:12, “We’re not fighting against human beings. We are fighting against spiritual forces….and powers of darkness in the unseen spiritual world.” As Christians we […]


I am a little weary of the mantra that the “millennial” generation is an “entitlement” generation. I don’t think it is an age problem; it is a “human” problem. Now that I am on the Back 9 and observe more, and listen a lot more, I see as many people my age and older, along […]

God Told Me to Tell You

Have you ever had anyone tell you, “God told me to tell you……..”? Or, “God’s Word says this…….”? Here is a little piece of advice on dealing with those situations. First, go to God’s Word and see for yourself. YES, dig into God’s Word and read it for yourself. HIS word is for everyone and […]

The Crazy Makers In Life

Crazy can mean a variety of things today. To the millennials it can actually have a “positive meaning.” If someone or something is “cra – cra” it actually means “good,” but the crazy I am going to write about and the title I am ripping off from Rick Warren is “crazy maker.” People who bring […]