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Learn to Scribble

Recently I was in a conversation with someone just before our trip to Israel. When they asked me who I was going with, I was met with raised “eyebrows” and “criticism” and a look of “disapproval” when I told them the name of the group and the pastor that we were going with. This friend […]


There are always going to be “haters!” I would define a “hater” as someone who hates and finds fault when most of the time they don’t have all the facts. Shockingly sometimes they do, however, the facts are so against what a “hater” wants to believe that they hate anyway. LOL. Do you know people […]


Have you ever done anything you really regret? Words, actions or both?…and, if you could take them back, you would a 100 times over? Regret is a bad thing……and realizing you can’t take back words or actions or roll back the “sands of time” can leave anyone feeling bad, lost, empty. Those things we grieve […]

Powerful Gesture

Who doesn’t like a compliment? Do you realize that when you are kind to someone else it benefits you? Proverbs 11:17, “A kind man benefits himself…” Last week when I was at church and washing my hands in the women’s restroom, I overheard a young woman pay an elderly woman a compliment about what she […]

Compelling Younguns

As we traveled all around Israel this week, we had lots of opportunities to get to know the others in our group. One young couple, whose names I cannot share because of the young man they are housing, has been married for three years. Both are in ministry and the young man’s dad is a […]


While in Jerusalem we have studied about Jesus being an innocent man and falsely accused. Pilate even said, “Look I am bringing him out to let you know that I find NO basis for a charge against him” (John19:4). It didn’t matter. The chief priests and their officials shouted, “Crucify! Crucify!” How does that relate […]