Archive | April, 2016

Day One

Day One is not technically in the books but this is my down time as I write. Overwhelmed doesn’t accurately describe my feelings. Overcome is the best word. I was “shaken” as we started with worship in Caesarea. As we sat in an amphitheater that King Herod had built, we were blessed to have Bear […]

Jesus Is The Storm Chaser

I have never been in a major storm. I have lived around the aftermath of a storm like Hurricane Hugo and, most recently, the flood in South Carolina. Overwhelming…sad…….devastating….”shell shock”…are great words to describe it…but somehow don’t do it justice when I really think about the “visual” of such devastating events. I just have no […]

Time Is Running Out

One of the biggest lies Satan tells us or wants us to feel is that “we are running out of time” or that “time is not in your favor.” I totally disagree and this is coming from someone who isn’t known for letting “grass grow,” nor one who does a whole of hesitating. I like […]

Pick Your Spot

Every great ballerina worth watching knows how to “spin” without losing their balance. It is beautiful and fun to watch. HOW do they spin with such grace without falling and getting dizzy? They have to “pick a spot!” Yes, before their first twirl, they pick a “spot for their eye to focus on” so that […]