Archive | May, 2016

Who Influences You?

Several years ago I was freed from a self-evoked “small place”. Yes, I had brought it on myself. I hated living there and I hated being misunderstood. At times, I still have to remind myself to “no longer” live in that small place. The name of the small, crowded, smothering place I lived in, and […]

When We Are Called to be Soldiers

I’ve never been one to enjoy watching movies with violence. Lone Survivor, American Sniper and Saving Private Ryan, while worth watching, still had me covering my face many times. The extreme bravery and courage…the commitment to “fight” for the cause they were willing to sacrifice their life for…was extremely moving to me. When you live […]

Wedding Season

While I am enjoying every bit of our daughter’s wedding season, and refusing to let anything “rain on this special time,” I am also enjoying having dear friends walk the same path in either being a MOB or a MOG. Just this weekend I was honored to be a guest at the rehearsal dinner of […]

It Matters

Have you ever felt like your efforts didn’t matter? Sometimes I have been so tempted not to “act” because there is this voice, which I have finally learned to ignore, that says, “It won’t matter. That little time or money won’t make a difference. You would just be putting a band-aid on a gushing wound!” […]

Keeping Score

“Drop Your Hands!” has been one of the most powerful 3 words spoken to me in the last 7 years. What does that mean?? To me it meant, I was trying to make everyone happy! I love things to go smoothly, especially for my family and others around me for that matter. I love in […]

Persist and Persevere!

God created us to be persistent! James 1:4, “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking anything.” In life you just cannot succeed without persistence/perseverance. It is the “fuel” needed to accomplish anything. God wants us to be persistent so that we mature! Persistence starts with a surrendering […]

God’s Voice

I have learned when I wake up everyday to look for God …I find myself not only desiring to feel His presence, but I want to see Him in action and His will played out. Several years ago I was encouraged to “drop my hands” in my own life’s circumstances. Yes, “control” was a thing […]