Archive | June, 2016

No Thorns, No Throne

Pain in life introduces us to ourselves. It is what we do with pain that eventually defines who we are. Experiencing pain and making right choices in the pain can be the “stepping stone” for greater things in life. It can stretch us, grow us, develop us. No one is immune to experiencing pain and […]

Pressing On

On the evening of Father’s Day I was at dinner with a friend who was in town for a couple of days. As we were finishing dinner I spotted a precious sight, my friend and his daughter, Wes and Heather Terry, having a daddy/daughter date. It was extra special because just weeks ago he lost […]

Guarding Our Minds

Since April we have realized that, before our own daughter’s wedding, we will attend or attempt to attend 11 other weddings over the next few months. We were invited to be at two weddings in the same weekend. We could only attend one since they were both at the same time in two different states. […]


You don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t realize as I made the turn to the Back 9 of life that I would have many opportunities to dance. Not only do we have our daughter getting married and we are making plans to have a band and some dancing at her wedding, but we […]


Waiting can be one of the most frustrating things I do. Recently, when Thomas was in the hospital and I was waiting on the doctor to answer his page, I was so frustrated. Six hours and no response. Looking back now, I have been so encouraged and comforted to see that God has grown me […]