Archive | July, 2016

The Voice of God

Do not ignore the voice of God in your life. If you are unwilling to risk your reputation, you’ll never fight the giants like David did in defeating Goliath or walk in the fiery furnace (untouched) like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did. You cannot build God’s reputation if you aren’t willing to risk your own. […]

Dangerous Prayers

I don’t consider myself a person who lives in fear, especially in the last couple of years. Scripture teaches “perfect love drives out fear.” As I have gotten my “totem pole” in life in the correct order, fear has greatly diminished and been replaced with God’s perfect love. I do get nervous and at times […]

The Strongest Voice

Just a few months ago, while we were in Israel, God called our daughter to step away from a job with great pay without having another job in place. She stepped out knowing she was getting married in five months and most likely would be the one paying the bills while her new husband pursued […]

Building on the Rock

Life in Columbia, South Carolina, after the “great flood” of October 2015, has taught not just me, but many people many things. One thing I have heard over and over from people, especially those majorly affected by loss, was the fact that “they DID NOT KNOW” their house was in a flood zone…or flood plain! […]

The Double-Edged Sword

It is never ever comfortable to be judged by someone or feel judged by them! Does anyone feel me….? I can honestly say I have been wrestling with God on this issue. First, feeling judged…and then me judging others. It is a “double-edged sword.” It is. And at 54, God has specifically allowed me to […]

Double Trouble

I have spent an extraordinary amount of time studying the mind. Reading the Bible first and foremost, then reading books by authors I respect whose hearts and expertise I admire. Books like: ”Left Brain Right Brain,” “Switch on Your Brain,” “Who Switched Off My Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf, “Mind Set” by Dr. Carol Dweck, […]

Being Thankful Is God’s Will

Last week I returned to participate in and volunteer for the Miss South Carolina program that has given so much to me…lifelong friends from all over the USA, scholarship money, opportunities to speak, a unique second family. And, at a very early age taught me to know myself…what I think, what I deem important in […]