Archive | August, 2016

Tried and True

Have you ever been praying for someone or for a situation and it has gotten worse instead of better? Just because we don’t see the change we want doesn’t mean that God isn’t at work. Do not let the enemy fool/deceive you into thinking God isn’t going to do anything about the person or situation. […]

MOBing Lessons

As the time is drawing near for my MOBing days to come to an end, I have been and am enjoying every minute. When God allows you a “new walk” and “new experiences,” there are ALWAYS new lessons and new challenges. I have been journaling. After this life experience of being an MOB, there are […]

Sheep In Need of a Shepherd

I get it…I really do…why Jesus called us “sheep” and referred to himself as the “Good Shepherd!” We are absolutely helpless without the Shepherd. As humans/sheep we get this crazy idea and our actions validate it. We think God doesn’t know. He doesn’t see. And the real ridiculous thought, which leads to actions, is that […]

At Just The Right Time

Recently I had lunch with a college friend who I haven’t seen in over 32 years. We saw each other at a wedding earlier in the summer which prompted us to get together again! After college she moved to DC and that is where she has lived. It was such a blessing and unexpected surprise […]


Just 45 days left before my MOBing days will be over. Since October it has been a fast and furious learning curve of new phrases like “First look” and “Late night pass.” All of which are now familiar phrases but when both were first posed as questions to me, they drew a “blank stare” until […]

Powerful Words

“I’m sorry! Will you please forgive me?” are extremely powerful words. Those seven words are so powerful that they can be the start of mending and healing broken relationships. I can remember the first time I was listening to 18 hours of parenting tapes entitled, “Growing Kids God’s Way”. One tape in particular talked about […]