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Answered Prayer

One thing I have learned recently as we headed into the final days of preparation for our daughter’s wedding was that when you plan an outside wedding you are completely out of control of whether or not it actually goes off as planned. LOL. Of course if you are smart or hire someone who is […]

God Knows

Have you ever shared with someone how someone else has hurt you deeply? You took that step to confide and share your deepest hurts….only to have that confidant come back to you and tell you how wonderful they thought that person was. When you decided to share your “pain,” your intent wasn’t to make that […]


I am a terrible wrapper. I can’t even buy a bag, put a gift in it and arrange the tissue so that the present looks pretty. :( With just a few days left until I traveled to the mountains for Collins’ big day, I was running around tying up loose ends. I glanced at the […]

Get Wisdom

As many of you Back 9’ers know I write from experience and being a “work in progress.” Seeking to grow my faith and always looking to feed on spiritual “meat” and not “milk.” I strive to encourage others with what God is teaching me. With that being said….I have taken a break from posting in […]

Fear and Miracles

I often have people ask me, “Why don’t we see more miracles like we read about in scripture or in the early church?” My answer is, “Where is the reverential fear of the Lord that existed in the early church?” I believe miracles and reverential fear of the Lord go hand-in-hand—we won’t see one without […]