Archive | October, 2016

Veto Your Emotions

Did you know that my/your emotions can keep us out of the will of God? They can also make you fat and lazy. They can also disappear at times when you would like their support. Emotions…everyone has them…but they can be very deceiving. The older I get the more I have to “veto” my emotions […]

Get Over Yourself!

“Get over yourself!” Those were the words that resonated in my spirit at the Apple store in Charlotte last Thursday! I was there because my laptop, which I use every day, sometimes all day, was “frozen”. I had attempted to download the pictures from our daughter’s wedding. About 30 minutes into it all the warning […]


I have always loved our “front door.” Some days I just go sit on our front steps and look down the street or around at my neighbors’ houses. We have a great view of our entire street. There are glass panes on either side of our front door so when someone rings the doorbell, you […]


I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old. I wish I had journaled more in my early years as a Christian and in college. It wasn’t until we had children that I journaled my prayers/life. As Collins’ wedding was approaching, I began looking for my oldest prayer journals. I wanted to write […]