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Body Language

 Laugh with me:) Since I am called to write and speak, I am always reading and working to get better. I have several mentors one of whom has written several great books, writes political speeches, travels the country speaking and has her own radio show. I have learned so much from Deb. I also have […]

Too Much Pain

God is calling me to write about difficult and very touchy subjects lately. I am for sure not an authority but I do seek HIM and the Wisdom HE gives and His word. So carefully, tenderly and with God Almighty’s help I want to write about the subject of suicide. The first thing I want […]

Dealing with Wounds

This is not an easy subject to write about…but a necessary one. Being 54, I wish I could say I had never experienced this but I have. The subject matter for today? Being wounded or insulted not by an enemy, but by a friend, a loved one or someone you would never suspect. The first […]

Seeing God

Two years ago I read Mark Batterson’s book The Grave Robber. If you haven’t read it, YOU SHOULD. The book unpacks the book of John in the Bible and takes a deep look at it. I am a fan of Mark and how he brings the Bible alive in his books while challenging you to […]


I talk about reflecting often. I encourage you to do this as well. This is how I see God in all things in my life and in the life of my family. Allow me to share. Several years ago Thomas wanted to live in Florida during the winter to work on his game. As we […]

Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s guilt…is a yucky feeling. The last time I battled it was after the devastating flood in South Carolina in the fall of 2015. Columbia, my home, and much of our state was devastated. In our community people with whom we have done life for over 30 years lost everything while our home, cars, etc. […]

Totem Poles

“Remember, you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can put it on anyone else.” This was the second text I received from a very dear red-haired friend, moments after I updated her on Brewer’s condition just two weeks ago after he suffered a stroke. I am always grateful for WISE friends […]