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Sherry is delighted to review the details of your request. It is a blessing and privilege to be considered as a guest speaker for your upcoming event.

Sherry has a heart for encouraging and motivating others to live a life of significance. She feels called to travel and speak. Her heart would always want to say yes to all of the invitations to speak but knows she must balance a full speaking calendar with time set aside for her God-ordained priorities. She values family and time spent with her husband and children and is, of course, active in her community. The “Back 9” Board helps Sherry manage her calendar and commitments.

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Letter of Recommendation – Lakelands SC Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Mrs. Sherry Bradshaw

Sherry, I praise the Lord for you and your heart for Him. Your willingness to share is a testimony to His Holy Spirit living within you. And, of course, to those of us who love FCA, the fact that your husband accepted Christ while at an FCA event is icing on the cake!

God has graced you with a wonderful personality. You obviously never meet a stranger! That has to open many doors for you to share your faith and must be a tremendous blessing to you personally. The words you shared with our golfers at our annual golf tournament were right on target, the exact perfect length of time and should have hit home with each of them. Sounded to me like the Holy Spirit was in charge of your message! :-)

And the fact that you turned around and gave us a donation blew my socks off! Wow! What a heart for the Lord you have! I pray that He will bless you many times over because of your generous heart that beats for Him. I knew when Steve Grogan, a man I respect tremendously, spoke so highly of you that you had to be an exceptional lady.

Sherry, you are a special lady, gifted in so many ways, which allows you to open doors for the Kingdom that others wouldn’t be able to. I am so thankful that you took time out of your busy schedule to shower us with God’s blessing through your attendance at the Lakelands FCA golf tournament. May God continue to open venues through which you can share with others His message of love and acceptance.

If ever I can do anything for you, please let me know.


Linda Tyner

A few special requests to consider:

  • If it is an event requiring an overnight stay, Sherry will need to have her own room. She values quiet time when on the road. It also ensures quality preparation time, study time and rest. She gets up very early and likes to have time alone.
  • Sherry is happy to schedule evening events but prefers to not drive home at night.
  • Upon arrival at engagements, she will need help unloading materials, luggage, etc. She has “compartment syndrome” in both hands which prevents her from lifting anything heavy. She usually travels with books and luggage.
  • Due to the limitations resulting from compartment syndrome, Sherry prefers to use a headset, if at all possible, when speaking.